Vein Removal using Cutera Laser System

Can clients really remove veins with a quick pulse of light? Yes, now men and women alike are making unsightly spider veins a thing of the past using the latest technology in lasers.

This unique vein removal CoolGlide Excel laser system is design to deliver pulses of light through a cooled hand piece. The vein removal hand piece is placed on the skin and gently glides along while it quickly and comfortably treats embarrassing, unsightly veins. This safe and effective method is non-invasive and requires no incisions or painful injections.

The vein removal treatment can be performed on any area of the body and on almost every size vessel. Whether it is a small telangtictasia around the nose, rosacea on the cheeks or large leg vessels, the laser vein removal system can be adjusted to eradicate them.



Vein Removal Before and After Photos

Before After 5 Treatments    



After 1 Treatment

Before                 After 1 Treatment    
Before                 After 1 Treatment      

Vein Removal FAQ's